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Bulgarian producer specialized in manufacturing high-quality industrial paper sacks with excellent printing resolution. 

Who are we?

Sackmarket is a Bulgarian producer specialized in manufacturing high-quality industrial paper sacks with excellent resolution printing. 

Since 2005 we produce multi-layer paper sacks with a hexagonal bottom and with a capacity from 3 kg to 50 kg in standard sizes. Also, we can produce paper sacks by your custom size to fit your specific packaging needs.

We are reliable and well-known in Bulgaria producer of paper sacks with print for different industries. To ensure the high quality of our paper sacks we work only with the world's best manufacturers of paper, glues and inks. 

We can produce open and valve paper sacks with or without handles and with handle hole (punched hole) depending on the customer's needs. Our paper sacks are appropriate for almost all bulk products, including chemical products which require sacks with several special barrier layers.

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How do we work?

We have two production lines. 

The first production line allows us to produce sacks with excellent print quality in short series, starting from less than 1000 pcs. This solution is suitable for startups companies or for development of the new products, where the goal is to test the market without large investments. 

Our second production line is suitable for companies established on the market, which need large quantities, for them the optimization of the whole process is important and they are looking for a good price.

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Why paper?

Paper sacks are traditional packaging for bulk products in the industry.

They are used for the packaging of different food, flours, fodders, seeds, dried fruits, pet food, and many others. The paper sacks are being used everywhere where the product needs to breathe through the packaging and to look good.

They are practical, easily filled and transported, and cover all of the environmental standards with their high degree of degradation in nature. As a result, the carbon print on the industrial sack papers is significantly lower than others packaging materials. The paper sacks are strong enough to hold to 50 kg without losing their integrity. 

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